Some of you know that I recently turned in the first round of edits for the second book in the Cadence of Grace series.

I had been hit with a few bad cases of writer’s block. Bad writer’s block. Which meant that the edits were very slow going and as the deadline approached, I was really running out of time. There was one part of the story that I just could NOT resolve. But the day came to turn in the revised manuscript and as thrilled as I was about how the story was shaping up, I was also a little worried about this missing puzzle piece when I hit send to my editor.


I stewed on it a few days.

And then I stewed some more.

But my brain felt like a rock. A locked vault. I knew the answer was out there. Somewhere. I just had no idea what it was. 

It was in that moment, that I sat on my bedroom floor and just prayed. I talked to God about it all and I knew He was listening. But I also knew that it was my turn to listen. I said “God. Just tell me what the answer is. I know You have the perfect resolution. I’m listening.”

Those words I’m listening were still stirring in my heart when the phone rang not twenty minutes later. It was my mom. I can’t remember what she had called to talk to me about but she had been my helper earlier that day as I brainstormed and bounced ideas around, so she knew what was going on. She told me that whatever I did, to go with the resolution that was the most edifying and the most ministering to readers.

My heart stirred in that moment. And I knew the answer. I thanked her for her words and after we were done talking, I went into my room, pulled out my writing notes and stared at all my scribbles and scrambled thoughts. And there it was. There. It. Was. The answer that I had prayed for. God had worked, just as He promises.  

Peace washed over me and I felt the comforting reassurance the this story was meant to be told. And that God would be with me every step of the way.

Has there been a time in your life when you simply just stopped…and listened to God?


*  *  *  * 

It was a wonderful weekend of celebrating the launch of BE STILL MY SOUL with family and friends…here are a few pictures from that special day. 🙂