The edits have arrived from my editor for the 3rd book in the Cadence of Grace series. Edits are often quite an experience for any writer and for me, they’re always a challenge both emotional and mental, but always…the results are SO worth it!

As usual, both my editor and I want you all to get the best book possible to end this series, which means I’ll be hanging out with these pages for the next 5 or so weeks:


I’m thankful for the support and encouragement of friends and family (and for the existenceΒ of tea and chocolate) πŸ˜€

And chick flicks for when I need a change of pace. Ok, I’ll stop now.Β 

I hope you all have a fantastic week! I’ll be popping onto Facebook a few times this week and sometime in the next few days, have a giveaway to share with you!