This week, Sons of Blackbird Mountain went out into the world and what a week it has been. Every bit of it was made magical by all of you, the most wonderful reader-friends a gal could have! I wish I could tuck all that goodness into this post so you could all know how much you had my heart near-to-bursting, so here are a few highlights! 

The biggest thanks to my sweet friend, Katie, who joined me for the Facebook live chat party as an ASL interpreter for our Deaf guests who were watching and to make the party extra special and fun! A HUGE thank you to all of you who joined us and if you missed the chat, you can watch it anytime.

And to all of you who have been posting reviews and pictures online. They’ve been such a joy to discover! Your smiling faces with the story and your bookish quotes…sigh. Each one blesses me and each one expresses that the story found it’s way into your heart. Thank you for sharing, friends!

This gorgeous picture is from Bookworm Mama who was raised by an interpreter for the Deaf! Here is her beautiful review. Also, a very special thanks to the Deaf community who have been sending messages and notes about the story and your excitement to read about a Deaf character. Thor Norgaard is tipping his hand to his forehead in the BIGGEST hello to you all!

This adorable one is from Viking fiction author, Heather Day Gilbert. She’s pictured here with her little one who is of Norse decent, just like the brothers in Sons of Blackbird Mountain. To see this smiling baby with those beautiful Sami-Norwegian eyes holding the book…my heart just melted!!

This morning Rel’z review went up on the web all the way from Australia. Rel is such a dear and so book savvy that I liken her reviews to those of Publisher’s Weekly or Library Journal. They are that special! Here’s a wee snippet:

“There’s a depth and tenderness to Joanne Bischof’s writing that surpasses my ability to describe with any justice. This tale is wrought from the heart of a true storyteller, whose delicate prose, beautifully robust characterisation, and immersive descriptions plunge you into the essence of the Appalachian Mountains and the strong arms and stalwart hearts of the Norgaard brothers.”

Thank you, Rel!


Oh there are so many reviews I long to highlight! YOUR beautiful words that have made my heart soar. Gobs of them have been showing up on Goodreads and Amazon and the #SonsofBlackbirdMountain hashtag on Instagram has been filling up with your GORGEOUS photos. You all are the best! (oh and I do love that surprise steak there on the right 😉 I think that is just what the Norgaard men would eat for dinner!) And lastly…

This dose of furry-cuteness is from author Karen Barnett who’s kitty is on the hunt for something yummy. Unlike readers, I don’t think she’s on the lookout for handsome and rugged Norwegian men. 😉

Thank you again to EVERYONE who made this week so magical. Thank you for all the laughs and the smiles…and even a few happy tears. From the Norgaard family and me, we are sending all our heartfelt love and gratitude. If the book is on your shelf or wish list, please do share below!