This last week I’ve been working on the edits for the second book in the Cadence of Grace series, Though My Heart is Torn. I’ve spent my days with fingers to keyboard, heart to story…and there may have been some coffee involved. It’s hit me this morning that Be Still My Soul is about to release. Not in a year or months or even weeks. It’s releasing in days. So much is going on! Here is a little update of where I’m at right now.


Of Edits…

I was recently chatting with my friend Amanda Dykes about the editing process this time around. It’s a bit different than it was for Be Still My Soul. In some ways, it’s gone a little quicker, a little more smoothly and this round, I actually have less time than I did before. Then at the same time, it’s also been more difficult. It’s not easy for an author to detach herself from her story. Detach herself in a way that will keep her from weeping as she sends beloved pages and paragraphs to the waste bin. But that’s a part of the editing process. Couple this with the fact that the author then has to turn around, create new words, new scenes, new moments, in a handful of days with the same quality of writing that she achieved in years. Its daunting. But…quite amazing.

I’ve learned that some of my favorite scenes in Be Still My Soul were written under the edit

deadline pressure. There are a few scenes that I wrote, reviewed only a handful of times and off they went into copy edits. As an author, I was left literally panting with exhaustion and adrenaline, but also excitement at what had just poured out of me. I believe God–the author of authors–extends grace during these times–filling us up when we feel we won’t be able to pull it off. That is when the most magical writing happens.


…and Book Launches 

Not too long ago I wrote about Be Still My Soul going out into the blogging for books program. It was surreal and exciting. Now, with only days to go for Lonnie and Gideon’s story to hit shelves, I feel my world racing by. And moving in slow motion all at the same time. These days are sand through my fingers, and each moment is precious. This is the beginning of the end. The end of what was and the beginning of what’s to come. It’s exhilarating just like it was before. It’s been a hubbub of excitement around here. October 2nd is going to be quite a day. Not only because of the book launch, but have I mentioned that it’s also my anniversary? Yep. 8 years with my wonderful hubby. We have much to celebrate!

If you think about it over the next few days or weeks, will you say a little prayer for me and my family? And will you do me one more favor? Will you leave a comment below of how I can pray for you? I would love to spend some extra time this week in prayer and if you have any requests, burdens, hopes or praises, please share them with me so we can lay these things at the Lord’s feet together. I can think of no better way to begin this next season.