In the coming days, I have some exciting book news to share — including a cover reveal and all the details about my first ever non-fiction workbook! Stay tuned and in the meantime, here are some fun updates. First is that The Gold in These Hills is $1.99 on eBook sale for a few more days, so if you haven’t grabbed a copy, just click the link above . . . or forward this email to a friend if you think they’d enjoy it!

As I continue to work on different books (and stories!) behind the scenes, I’m continuing to create videos which has been such an uplifting way to get to connect with others; sharing fun adventures or heartfelt chats and today, I hope you’ll join me for this cozy chat on Encouragement. It’s perfect for anyone in need of encouragement and delves deep into the meaning of this word–spotlighting not only how we can be more encouraged . . . but how we can encourage others! As always, I am truly inspired by your comments both here, and below the videos . . . so never hesitate to say HI! It makes my day!