I’ve been blessed beyond words by you all who have walked this journey with me since first meeting Lonnie and Gideon in “Be Still My Soul”. Now, this spring comes the next part of their story, “Though My Heart is Torn”.

Set in Appalachia, 1901, THOUGH MY HEART IS TORN is the story of Lonnie and Gideon O’Riley, a young couple who fell in love within the pages of BE STILL MY SOUL. Now, as tragedy pulls them apart, this second installment of the Cadence of Grace series explores the deep places of the heart and the blossoms of hope re-found. Here’s a little peek inside the pages of this love story…


Clearing his throat, he voiced her name. It fell from his lips like sweet honey. Would he ever have a reason to say her name again? Perhaps he would have to whisper it in the silent places of his heart to keep himself from losing his mind. They continued walking and Gideon waited until he had her attention. He longed for her forgiveness, but that seemed selfish. He focused instead on bringing her peace.

*  *  *

The leaves crunched beneath their boots as they circled the small opening. Lonnie sank to the ground. Her skirts billowed around her. Gideon placed Jacob in the soft fabric of her lap and settled beside his wife and son.

He played with a dry leaf in his hand. She voiced her fears. Her questions. He answered with every shred of honesty that was in him. She spoke of days gone by and he felt himself smile. She shared her fears. Each one pierced him. He wanted to throw them into the wind—blow each one to smithereens with a shotgun. But he couldn’t. He could only listen and nod, give what little comfort he could form into words. His fingers grazed hers. How he wished it were more.

And more than once she reached for his hand, only to tuck it beneath her skirt.


You can read the first three chapters, here! If you haven’t read “Be Still My Soul”, it would be a joy to introduce you to Lonnie and Gideon. Those chapters are here!

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It is such a joy to get to officially share this cover. The designer has done such an amazing job! I hope you like it too. 🙂