If you’ve been reading the Cadence of Grace series, you’ll know that the story has grown and changed into a tale that includes not one…but two heroes.

At different times in Lonnie’s life, each man plays an important role. Today we’ll look at Gideon, her first love and tomorrow, we’ll see Toby, the man who stepped in as her friend when her world crumbled. While each man hopes to win Lonnie’s heart, they both long to see her happy.



Hero: Gideon O’Riley

Age: 23 years old

Born: Rocky Knob, Virginia

Occupation: Woodworking and farming


The last we saw of him was in Though My Heart is Torn: 

His father leaned toward him. “This came for you last week.” He pulled a letter from his vest pocket. Gideon reached out and took it. Turning it over, he spotted Lonnie’s handwriting. A cold sensation puddled in his chest.

Reverend Gardner moved to the front of the church, his movements slow, drawn out. Gideon tapped his foot anxiously, knee bouncing haphazardly. His pulse raced, the cold turning into a heat—a fever—that forced him from the bench. “Excuse me,” he whispered to Cassie. She leaned back, and Gideon sidestepped from the pew, barreling toward the door as if Reverend Gardner was not in the middle of his prayer. Heads lifted, but he didn’t stop.


The sides of his jacket flapped open when he strode into the icy mist that surrounded the church. His boots thundered down the steps, past crooked tombstones that sank haphazardly into the moist grass. It wasn’t until the reverend’s voice was but a memory that he finally stopped. Crouching, he rested his forearm on his knee and studied the letter. The paper was worse for wear, but that was Lonnie’s pretty writing. Make no mistake. A muscle tripped through his jaw.

He tore into the envelope, letting the ripped portion float on the breeze that tousled his tie. He shook the envelope, and a single page fell into his palm. A flip of the folds and her words were before him, sinking into the deep mire of his heart that he’d forced numb. He breathed her name. He breathed their son’s name. Tears stung his eyes as he read words of Jacob’s life. How the boy was growing, what trouble he managed to get into. Gideon chuckled and swiped his hand over his eyes when the page blurred. His sweet Jacob.

Lonnie’s words grew smaller as if trying to squeeze more onto the page—more into her message, into his heart. Oh, Lonnie. He touched her soft letters, emotion bubbling up inside him. How he missed her.


From My Hope is Found:



Gideon O’Riley has been given another chance at a life with Lonnie. But will the fight for her heart risk it all over again?


As you know, Lonnie spends much of her time in the kitchen with Elsie. When she’s not taking care of the children, or mixing up a batch of her homemade soap, she loves to bake…and there’s a special place in her heart for making things for the ones she loves. Today’s recipe is butterscotch and cranberry oatmeal cookies. It doesn’t take much for her to recall Gideon’s weakness for sweets and he rarely strayed far from the kitchen around meal times. A few cookies and a hot cup of coffee and they could while away an hour or two on the back porch, watching the sun set. Though they were only married for just over a year…so much has passed between them. So much love and life and longing and now with the future so uncertain, those memories hold a special sweetness for Lonnie.

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