It’s been a good month. Busy, but good!

While a few happenings are just hinted at below, there is much to come in the next few weeks including a cover reveal and more! It’s a joy to get to sit down and officially catch up with you all today and be sure to catch the question at the bottom, so we can hear how YOUR month went.

So here we go – a month in review …


The month of April began with my birthday. Well, actually it began as usual with April Fools Day…my b-day just happens to be two days later. 😉 THANK YOU for all the warm wishes on Facebook and even in the mail. You all are so kind!! And you made turning one year older extra special.

from Mindy
A few days after this, I had the joy of speaking at the Rotary Club here in our town of Idyllwild. I’m incredibly shy and have an immense phobia of microphones so don’t do a lot of speaking so whenever I brave it it’s always a big deal. 😉 Of course I did what any shy, author-speaker would do – I brought  a friend along! My dad to be exact. We had SO much fun. The Rotary members serenaded us with a delightful song then we got to join them for the most delicious breakfast.

Rotary Idyllwild
When it came time to brave that microphone, I shared a little about the historical circus and some fun facts from that by-gone era, then opened it up to hear stories from anyone who wanted to share memories of their childhood and the circus. What fun stories they told! My dad finished it off with some songs on his guitar and soon the whole Rotary Club was singing ‘Country Roads Take me Home’. What a time. They also gave me a stuffed squirrel which I got to keep. I mean, if that’s not the worlds best honorarium, I don’t know what is.

A few days later, my honey took me on a birthday slash research trip to one of my favorite spots in California – Coronado Island. I have gobs of photos and stories to share with you from this but am absolutely making myself sit on my hands and soon, will be able to share more. *wink*


As soon as we got home, I polished up the ARCs (advanced reader copies) of The Lady and the Lionheart and dashed it off to all the authors reading it for endorsement. This was a huge milestone and reflected so many hours of work and excitement that hitting ‘send’ on the book was incredibly surreal. Now Charlie and Ella’s story is in their hands and I hope its treating my author friends well! 

Not long after I closed up my computer on that, an email came through on my phone that the audio version of To Get to You was finished! This has been a moment six months in the making and what an incredible process it’s been once again. Nick, the audio narrator, has been absolutely amazing in capturing Riley’s story, and I dare say that it’s impossible to hear a single one of Saul’s lines without grinning from ear to ear. 🙂 More to share on this in the coming weeks!

And on the home front? We’ve been working on homeschooling and gearing up for a few end of the year projects. Lots of busy happenings there that have kept me and the kids buys, busy, but what an incredible time it’s been to be a part of their learning and growing each and every day. In the midst of all of this, my daughter had a birthday and turned seven! She wanted a lime cake, so we whipped up a homemade one in the kitchen then sliced it up with cups of tea and a movie night. It was such fun.


Lastly, the last few days have been an extra busy adventure. After months and months of planning and then weeks and weeks of weather delays, we shot the cover for The Lady and the Lionheart! Oh. My. Goodness. It was magic. So much magic and I cannot WAIT to show you the cover and tell you all about that wonderful day! In the meantime, here’s a picture from the meadow where the cover was captured.


Am I being a horrible tease about so many things here??? Full disclosure and cover reveals are just around the bend. 🙂 Thanks for being here and catching up with me. I’d love to hear from you: What’s something fun or funky that you have on your to-do list? Or something that you’ve done lately? Do share!